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Why LavaRnd?

To understand why LavaRnd should be considered a necessity a little knowledge about cryptography is required. Cryptography is used to validate your identity and to protect your information from being (ab)used or altered. Whenever you make a purchase on-line, or if you use an on-line banking or investing service you are using cryptography. You also use cryptography when you withdraw money from your bank using a machine.

The Key is the Key: The protection of your data depends on using a good key that others cannot guess.
In order to create the best cryptographic methods, cryptographers divide the methods into two parts, an algorithm which describes how the technique works and a key. Good algorithms are very hard to design, it requires a group effort and extensive study. For a good algorithm that has been well studied, it cannot be a secret. Therefore your protection when using cryptography comes from the key. The key must be secret.

someone making a key

So what makes a good key? There are two ways to make sure you have a good key. The first is that the cryptographic method must allow the key to have a large number of possible values. It should take a very long time, with even the fastest imaginable computer, to try all of the keys in order to find the correct one. The second is to make sure the key is unguessable. When it comes to computers, unguessable means that the key cannot be predicted, it must be random.

Computers: Designed to be reliable, not spontaneous. Software alone cannot generate secure random keys.
Computers are typically very bad at being random because they are designed to be able to reliably calculate the same answer, if given the same data to work with. When computers don't behave this way they are considered broken and in need of repair or replacement. Keys generated by a pure software process on your typically predictable computer will always, at some level, be predictable.

What is next?

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